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THCa Super Exotic Smalls

THCa Super Exotic Smalls

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Introducing our THCa Super Exotic Mediums & Smalls-

These are from our TOP shelf strains. The $45/3.5g and up strains. So guaranteed this is significantly better than the other smalls we offer, including the other exotic mediums and smalls. 

We took mediums out of the title because it looked way too long, but the buds are the same size as all our other Mediums/Smalls offerings.

These are a high-quality option for cannabis enthusiasts who want to enjoy the full flavor and potency of premium cannabis. All the exotic mediums and smalls are the thumbnail to pinky nail-size buds of the exotic flower we sell. Because small buds contain about the same amount of THCa then regular buds, the only difference is the size. 

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