Is This Real Weed?

Short answer:

Yes, this is real weed.

Long Answer:

As long as the person who grows cannabis has the proper hemp license and does the proper testing, they are allowed to grow cannabis and sell all over the country. This is legally considered hemp, but it's the same plant you are used to smoking from the plug, grown in the same way, probably even better.

Do You Really Ship 50 States?

Yes we do. Via USPS, the order should get to you in 2-5 days. There is a discrete sender name and no smell packaging.

How Is This Legal?

The Farm Bill of 2018 made the products we sell on our website FEDERALLY legal. This isnt legal advise, but its the law we opperate under. Ask your lawyer if you want legal advise.

Does This Get Me High?

Yes, the flower is the same plant that you get in a dispensary or from your plug. Except ours is probably better and cheaper! We have the best deals in the country⛽️👍

Is Shipping Discrete?

Yup, plain brown box. No smell. Everything is sealed proper. No one will know what youre ordering besides us and you. You wont even recognize it's your order until you open it!


The cannabis plant naturally grows THCa, not THC. For example, most of our flower is 25-35% THCa, and has only 0.2% Delta 9 THC. This makes is federally considered hemp.

If you google search "does THCa get you high" you get a confusing answer that may say no.

To clarify, THCa gets you high when you smoke it. Not when you eat it.

THCa turns into THC when you smoke it. Normal weed is THCa.

You cant eat normal weed and get high. Thats why google says THCa is not psychoactive.

THCa is the alive version, THC is the heated version (after its been smoked or decarbed for edibles).

Nothing we sell is Delta 8 or synthetic. All products on our website are 100% natural cannabis.